Back from Outer Space Because I Want You to Read This

I always thought I'd quote that Gloria Gaynor "I Will Survive" line if I ever met a martian. That song comes to mind, given the times we're living in (Social Distancing/ and in that society becoming more distanced than I thought imaginable.) I feel like a martian on some level we all? We're removed and we're isolated from one another like never before in our lifetimes. Or maybe a better comparison would be David Bowie's "Space Oddity" or David Bowie (always Bowie!) in "The Man Who Fell to Earth".

Just like in my beloved "Twilight Zone" reruns, on some level we as humans are the martians so alienated from each other, yet we never fell to Earth, so why are we so removed and distant from one another? Why can't we comprehend that others go through pain that some of us have the privilege not to have experienced, and shouldn't this be a wake up call for all of us to try to live differently, more thoughtfully and considerately and mindfully? We all are works in progress, and there is something I can learn from older generations, younger generations, people of different races, religions, backgrounds. I am a student of the Universe and so are you, and that gives me comfort, that I can still learn and do better. Learning is not a threat. Awareness is not a threat.

It's important to operate with our emotional intelligence. Even when the world is so fragmented and removed; and I think brilliant pieces of writing such as this one, that made me cry and feel...I think this is just so powerful and important and earnest and honest.

I would read books written by Jarrett Paul, and I hope he writes future books, and I hope he continues to contribute through the impact of his writing to a future where we learn to consider and reconsider.

If I came here from outer space, and read this eloquent, powerful piece of writing, I would have hope for human connectivity and the future of humankind, truly. Where so many commentators and media representatives are just screaming blaring talking heads, opinion pieces like this one are necessary, maybe more than ever. We need rational thinkers. We need love and kindness. We need hope. We need to be aware that in life there are gaps to be bridged, not walls to be built. And in an era of political correctness, if I am so terrified of saying the wrong thing that I say nothing, is that better? How do you connect, then?:


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