"Back to the Gypsy that I Was"

Something about Stevie Nicks...her music has always guided me at different points in my life. Usually at times where I must face myself in clearest light: who I am, what I want.

So yes, Fleetwood Mac. "Landslide", "Gypsy", I suppose, theme songs. For now, for always.

The correlation between music and writing is so deep. Music fuels my writing, inspires me.

"I have no fear
  I have only love."

"Goodness strikes
  Maybe once, maybe twice
  And it all comes down to you."

-Fleetwood Mac- "Gypsy"

Time traveler

So I started this blog years ago, and here we are again. I find that the greatest people, places and ideas of my life are worth revisiting. It's absolutely true what Alan Lightman wrote in Einstein's Dreams:
"Time is a circle."
Which brings to mind lines from a beloved Tori Amos song:
"Circles and circles and circles again The girl's in circles got to stop spinning" -Tori Amos- "Cloud on My Tongue-
Well, here's the truth: writers never stop spinning. Spinning tales, spinning around in circles. When I was a kid, I did that endlessly...spinning around as fast as I could was the best.
It's good to spin around. It's also good to get somewhere. Move with the wind, but at your own pace. 
I talk fast, I move fast. But I take my time with what's truly important. Writing is essential. Lifeblood. It's carried me through. It's saved me time and again, brought me back to myself, to who and what I love and need. 
Full circle. 

Try to achieve that balance

In life and in art, I believe it all comes down to one word BALANCE. Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming...a writer's vertigo. I know one thing: I am the least wobbly when I am writing. When things are going well, it's all little leaps and pirouettes.

Philadelphia Stories Interview

Recently my story "Rainy Day" was  published in the Forgotten Philadelphia anthology by PS Books. I was very pleased  to be interviewed for the PS Books blog by Chara Kramer.

Here is a link to the interview:

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader presents...

Me! That is, my story "Prince Charming" is included in the new anthology Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Presents Flush Fiction!
I am honored and excited!

I was thinking...

...about when I wrote these words: "I am a published writer, but in my estimation, not nearly enough as I should be". Well, today they seem arrogant. It is not that I think I'm such a wonderful gift to humanity that I deserve it all. NO! I am self-conscious about my work, myself. In truth, what I was trying to say to myself is "Get off your duff, Christina, and WRITE MORE!" I was thinking about missed opportunities. I was trying to motivate myself to become more, because I am not where I am supposed to be yet. Seems I need a mantra.

There is this innate feeling, calmly guiding me. I've always felt like Life is pulling me slowly in a certain direction. I think I will instinctively know when I have reached the point. I am not there yet. I must keep going, keep it together, keep WRITING.

I used to think everyone felt pulled by a life's path electricity, but I get blank looks when I try to explain myself. It's a winding road; not yellow brick, but invisi…

writers block will getcha every time!!

Some people think that writers block is a myth, but I assure you, it is the very real second cousin once removed of the brain fart. Symptoms (in my experience, anyway) include:

-Mild Depression
-Cluttered thoughts (can I Feng Shui my head?)
-The feeling like I forgot/am missing something

Will they invent a pill for writers block? Will they advertise it incessently on television, then quickly list all of its potentially fatal side effects at the end of said advertisement?

The thing I hate most is when you have no clue what you are going to attempt to write next. Then you go to a dinner party or something, and have people say: SOO what are you writing? And What are you gonna write next? And they're not really listening, anyhow. They just want to see me squirm a little, right? Because that's what writers do at dinner parties. We squirm. A little. And that's when I generally get my idea of what to write next, only I'm seemingly miles from a pad, or a pen, …