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writers block will getcha every time!!

Some people think that writers block is a myth, but I assure you, it is the very real second cousin once removed of the brain fart. Symptoms (in my experience, anyway) include:

-Mild Depression
-Cluttered thoughts (can I Feng Shui my head?)
-The feeling like I forgot/am missing something

Will they invent a pill for writers block? Will they advertise it incessently on television, then quickly list all of its potentially fatal side effects at the end of said advertisement?

The thing I hate most is when you have no clue what you are going to attempt to write next. Then you go to a dinner party or something, and have people say: SOO what are you writing? And What are you gonna write next? And they're not really listening, anyhow. They just want to see me squirm a little, right? Because that's what writers do at dinner parties. We squirm. A little. And that's when I generally get my idea of what to write next, only I'm seemingly miles from a pad, or a pen, …

hello again

Would you believe I wrote a lengthy post that did not go through?? Curse technology, but it's probably for the best. Too revealing, maybe.

Oh wait, I see its still saved as a draft! The big reveal below!

Greetings & Salutations

Would you believe I stopped blogging because I forgot my password?? Or was it more than that...but really, did I think I could make it in my Written World without this type of therapy? That's what it is...the best type of therapy, the inward turned outward.

Did I ever share my favorite writing quote?

"If I do not write to empty my mind, I go mad"

-George Gordon Byron-

So true, and no one wants that!

This is the best possible elixer, isn't it? Typing whatever ails you away. I remember my college roommate said she loved to hear me typing at night. She said it sounded like rain tapping at the window. It's strange what you recollect all these years later...but I'm still the Same Me, right? The one who tapped at the window with her raindrops? This one is older, though...she's lost some people in her life. She doesn't get too close to friends, anymore, and that's both good and bad for her writing. She's more of an observer now. People don't hurt her …