writers block will getcha every time!!

Some people think that writers block is a myth, but I assure you, it is the very real second cousin once removed of the brain fart. Symptoms (in my experience, anyway) include:

-Mild Depression
-Cluttered thoughts (can I Feng Shui my head?)
-The feeling like I forgot/am missing something

Will they invent a pill for writers block? Will they advertise it incessently on television, then quickly list all of its potentially fatal side effects at the end of said advertisement?

The thing I hate most is when you have no clue what you are going to attempt to write next. Then you go to a dinner party or something, and have people say: SOO what are you writing? And What are you gonna write next? And they're not really listening, anyhow. They just want to see me squirm a little, right? Because that's what writers do at dinner parties. We squirm. A little. And that's when I generally get my idea of what to write next, only I'm seemingly miles from a pad, or a pen, so I can't write anything even on my arm.

And wouldn't you know, by then I've forgotten my great idea! But the little quiches were just delicious! Thanks so much for having me!

I don't know anybody who is artistically inclined and does not have their bouts of frustration; of depression. Born this way, right? And then I just need to be alone, to refresh my mind. Something like hibernation. I come out the other side of the tunnel, eventually, with something to write about.

I listen to Tom Waits, because I feel like he would understand this.


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