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How's My Blogging? Call 555-2323, Just Like In The Movies.

I don't know if this is how a writing blog is supposed to look. I am trying, though. If it looks funky to you (and not in a Parliament Funkadelic- George Clinton- headdressy kinda way) lemme know.

So I was looking around our bedroom at my writing guides. You know, the how-to trying to help kind of texts that advise/confuse aspiring writers? I liken these books to Great Aunts, oh, of course they MEAN well...

Some Facts About The Writing Books Currently Sharing A Residence With My Husband & I (And These Books Are NOT Paying Rent): Number of Writing Books in My Collection= 29 Number of Writing Books with Orange or Yellow Covers=3 Number of Writing Books by Roald Dahl=2 Number of Writing Books by Celebrity Writers=2 Number of Writing Books with the word "Television" in the Title=2 Number of Writing Books with the words "Fiction" or "Short Stories" in the Title=5 Number of Writing Books with the words "Playwright" in the TItle=2 Number of Books That Fl…

My friends are artists & quite convincing. Me? I write.

My artist friends, the very talented Dahlia Broul and Jarrod Gecek thought it appropriate for a writer to have a showcase for her writing. I hope in this blog to do just that. If I do not stick to topics pertaining to writing and my personal writing experience, feel free to scold me.

About me: I am a published writer! Yes! I am married! It's true! I really like exclamation points, and I always overuse the elipsis...

What do you think of my first post?